What is r gruppe (pronounced "r group")?  A club devoted to the early 911, and especially those 911's that have been modified; as the factory put it:  "For sports purposes".  Officially formed in may of 1999, by Cris Huergas and Freeman Thomas, the club continues to draw interest from those who appreciate and love the early 911.


The following were taken at the first event, May 2000 held in Cambria, Ca.

lineup.JPG (69541 bytes)                rs.JPG (61609 bytes)             rseats.JPG (37915 bytes)               hwy101.jpg (135352 bytes)                  rrs.JPG (65077 bytes)           

Justin Winery                 Beautiful 73RS              Lightweight seats           Hwy 101                      Check the luggage rack


ferd.JPG (60908 bytes)                 Stock 911s.JPG (37654 bytes)              tailsfrnt.JPG (50534 bytes)               911s.JPG (52530 bytes)                tails.JPG (44237 bytes)

Super paint                      Ocean view                  Tails in line                    What a view                    More tails


yelits.JPG (56270 bytes)               zupan1.JPG (59467 bytes)                60.3.JPG (70502 bytes)                911012.jpg (63260 bytes)                  rgruppe.JPG (58016 bytes)

Nice lights                     My car                           Another view                 From the driver's seat        Popular plate

911011.jpg (681001 bytes)              2.7.1.JPG (68038 bytes)                stacks1.JPG (58932 bytes)                911014.jpg (54100 bytes)                  911016.jpg (65958 bytes)

 Comfy Seats                2.7 Gamroth twin plug      MFI by Eurometrix            Kill switch                        Up front



Here are some pics of my GT3 RS, the new 911 modified for "sports purposes"!:


fall 001.jpg (4289279 bytes)                fall 018.jpg (4400878 bytes)            fall 020.jpg (3773594 bytes)

   Fall Color                     Head to Head                Low Riders